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of our success

As lifestyles have improved in recent years, more and more consumers want to make simple and tasty dishes. To cater to the vast market, Happy Home specializes in vegetarian instant sauces, special seasonings and sauces. Our office is in Pekan Nenas, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. At present, Happy Home exports its products to southeast Asia, Hong Kong and other countries.

Adhering to the principle of “simple, convenient and more delicious”, Happy Home combines simple cooking methods on the back of the package to allow consumers to cook delicious food easily.

In the future, Happy Home will develop and continue to improve the product quality of Happy Home, and operate with HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) international food safety specification system and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) system. And adopt ISO (International Organization For Standardization) management mode.

Happy Home also provide customers with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) (the Original Equipment Manufacturer) service, will be a series of products to both at Home and abroad, provide more custo-mers with “simple, convenient, more delicious” food to enjoy. Happy Home is still working hard to improve the quality of our products. We welcome importers around the world to become our long-term partners.

近年来鉴于生活方式随着提升,越来越多消费者希望简简单单就能做出美味的佳肴。为了迎合广大市场的需求,Happy Home 专门制造素食即煮酱料,特别调味料及酱料。我们的公司办事处位于柔佛北干。目前 Happy Home 把产品出口到 东南亚,香港以及别的国家。

Happy  Home秉持着“简单,方便,更美味”的宗旨,配合着包装背面简单的烹调方法,让消费者可以轻松烹饪出美味的佳肴。

未来 Happy Home 将通过研制和发展并继续提高Happy Home产品质量,并以HACCP(Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) 国际化食品安全规格系统 以及GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)系统运作,及采用ISO(International Organization For Standardization)的管理模式。

Happy Home也为客户提供(贴牌服务)OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) 服务,将一系列产品推广到海内外,为更多消费者提供“简单,方便,更美味”的美食享用。Happy Home 至今仍在努力提高产品质量,欢迎世界各地进口商成为我们的长期合作伙伴。

Get in touch with Happy Home to get the latest info and new product release.  We also are very welcoming all importers around the world to become our long-term partners.

与Happy Home联系,获取最新信息和新产品发布。我们也欢迎来自世界各地的所有进口商成为我们的长期合作伙伴。

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